Comedy / Series

The Doom of Dejvice Theatre is a six-part comedy series written by Miroslav Krobot and Ondřej Hübel. Krobot himself took the director’s chair. The farcical series is based on real-life actors and employees of the Dejvice Theatre playing themselves. We do not follow the fortunes of individual characters chronologically, but instead see six separate stories, the protagonist of which in each case is the theatre itself. Each episode deals with an ongoing crisis situation that jeopardizes the company’s very existence and, as the episodes add up, the theatre’s situation becomes critical…

Director: Miroslav Krobot

Screenplay: Miroslav Krobot, Ondřej Hübel

Director of photography: Jan Šuster

Starring: Ivan Trojan, Miroslav Krobot, Jaroslav Plesl, Václav Neužil ml., Simona Babčáková, Lenka Krobotová, Martha Issová

Editor: Otakar Šenovský