Rodinný film / Family movie

TvMiniUni is on the air and this time, like every time, promises to answer even the most prying questions of children. Truth be told, though, Mr. Avin isn’t in a very good mood today, and so he asks his grand-lizard, Mr. Voráček, to choose only easy questions and get rid of the tough ones… But uh-oh!!! There are no questions from children, they’ve all gone missing! And the question catcher is gone too.

And what’s more, disgruntled parents are calling in to TvMiniUni saying there’s something wrong with their kids. They’re not asking any questions all of a sudden, they’ve run out! No whys, hows, wheres, how manys, how comes, or what ifs? It’s becoming clear to everyone at TvMiniUni that there’s something serious going on.

A big search is launched, full of adventure and mysteries. The trail ultimately leads to the Big Playhouse run by a kid called Bambino and the frightening and mean Mrs. Pepperpot. The two of them have stolen the question catcher to suck all the questions out of the children’s heads. The thing is, Bambino’s mom has no time for him and his dad left after an argument, and anyway… Parents are usually annoyed when their kids have a question, they don’t have time, they need to work, they want some peace and quiet. So, now they’ve got what they wanted. Peace and quiet from question-asking.

But without it, things get boring, and there’s a lack of answers. How will it all end up?




Director: Jan Jirků

Screenplay: Jan Jirků

Story by: Jan Jirků

Director of photography: Petr Vejslík

Music: Marek Doubrava

Production sound designer: Jan Paul

Starring: Sebastian Pöthe, Bára Poláková, Pavel Liška, Miroslav Krobot, Jiří Kohout, Jiří Havelka, Hynek Chmelař, Anna Schmidtmajerová, Ondřej Nosálek, Jana Kollertová, Karel Kratochvíl, Petr Besta, Lucie Škodová, Václav Jelínek

Production designer: Hynek Dřízhal

Editor: Libor Nemeškal

Co-producer: Česká televize, Sleepwalker

Support: Státní fond kinematografie, Zlínský kraj