Drama / Comedy

Absurd comedy taking place in the Šiška district of Ljubljana. Forty year-old longtime friends Mile –“smart-ass” and “know-it-all” living with his mother–, Fedr –ex-skinhead and divorced dad– and  Zekir –ex-punker orphan–, decide to open a pizzeria with the hope that success in the new business will help them reconduct their calamitous professional and personal lives. Unable to focus and put an end to their messy behaviour, they seldom get any customer. It is then when mysterious Jana shows up in their lives and inspires them in the creation of a unique pizza service called Šiška Deluxe: „Order a pizza and whatever else that would make you happy right now, we’ll make it happen for you!“ Business rockets immediately and everybody in Šiška seems happier thanks to the dream maker pizza. But will Šiška Deluxe also bring what Mile, Fedr and Zekir need to be happy?


Director: Jan Cvitkovič

Screenplay: Jan Cvitkovič

Starring: Žiga Födransperg, David Furlan, Marko Miladinović, Petre Arsovski, Jana Prepeluh, Aleksandar Rusić, Marijana Brecelj, Gala Kovač Mljač, Marjuta Slamič

2015, feature film, 108 min, awards: 25th Filmfestival Cottbus - Audience Award