Drama / Comedy

The picturesque story of the Czech-American family of Count František Antonín Kostka of Kostka who learns that his aristocratic forebearers have left him their ancient family seat – the Castle of Kostka. Frank thus leaves New York with his wife, Vivien, and daughter, Marie, to return to Bohemia and reassume his estate. Unfortunately, the castle is not in any condition to get rich off of – quite the opposite. It requires a big investment that they do not have. Frank and his family thus face the task of saving their family tradition and learning to live with their fortune amid misfortune. Making it all the more difficult, they have “inherited” not only the castle but also its peculiar warden, hypochondriac repairman, and a cook with a fondness for homemade nut brandy.


This project is supported by South Moravian Film Fund.

Director: Jiří Vejdělek

Screenplay: Jiří Vejdělek, Tereza Dusová

Director of photography: Vladimír Smutný

Music: Michal Novinski

Starring: Hynek Čermák, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Martin Pechlát, Yvona Stolařová, Vojtěch Kotek, Zdeněk Piškula, Tatiana Pauhofová

Production designer: Martin Kurel