The word itself; “lóve” doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning in Slovak as it does in English. It can actually refer to money. Aptly, this romantic drama intermingles both, as we meet Mato (Michal Nemtuda), living a carefree life; he and his childhood friend Tomás (Jakub Gogál) steal cars for a car repair shop. Mato’s life changes radically when he meets and falls in love with Veronika (Kristína Svarinská).

Refraining from revealing the shady truth about his life, Mato dreams of changing his ways because of her influences. The first cracks begin to appear in Mato and Tomás lengthy frienship. Mato wants to break away from his current way of living and he and Tomáš agree to one last score. Planning to rob a gas station, the friends become involved in a tragic accident leading to Mato’s unfortunate involvement in a murder.


Director: Jakub Kroner

Screenplay: Jakub Kroner

Starring: Michal Nemtuda, Kristína Svarinská, Jakub Gogál, Dusan Cinkota, Tina

2011, feature film, 90 min