Have you ever played in a band? It is like your second family, with all of its history, and with whose members you strive for happiness and get through various experiences. Like a family which comes together in the evening around one table, in spite of everything good and bad, the members of our quartet of so called contemporary music get together at another concert. This somewhat incongruous foursome, led by Robert, who is heavily dependent on his mother (Lukáš Melník); the attractive and chaotic cello player Simona (Barbora Poláková); the young musician Tomáš (Jaroslav Plesl), who likes to show off; and an ageing history expert, the withdrawn “Funés” (Zdeněk Julina), experience many funny situations, as well as misunderstandings, on their way to find their freest composition.

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This project is supported by The region of Olomouc, by The City of Olomouc, Jeseníky Film Office and State Cinematography Fund.

Director: Miroslav Krobot

Screenplay: Miroslav Krobot, Lubomír Smékal

Starring: Jiří Schmitzer, Jaroslav Plesl, Barbora Poláková, Jana Štěpánková, Lukáš Melník, Zdeněk Julina