Living a little outside of Prague is a man who claims that although the bronze and stone ages have come and gone, the wood age is still with us. You might have seen him at one of his exhibition openings or visited one of his Wooden Evenings with which he travels around the country, or maybe you have met him walking his dog near the town of Kralupy. But most of the time, he is in his studio, where he makes his images and objects using all kinds of wood. He has been doing this for many years now and has published several books. Martin Patřičný, author of the book The Wood of Beautiful Trees, will take us on a tour below the bark, into the trees…
This is the first time that author and director Bedřich Ludvík has not turned to a famous actor, but has instead offered the role of guide for the new educational series “A Piece of Wood from a Tree” to an authentic expert. This “wood expert” is artist, writer, and occasional actor and narrator Martin Patřičný.
The thirteen parts of this series (a total of 26 are planned) are perhaps the first time a television show has tried to introduce viewers to both the tree and its wood at the same time.

Director: Bedřich Ludvík

Screenplay: Bedřich Ludvík, Martin Patřičný

Starring: Martin Patřičný, Jiří Šafra

2008 26 parts