Documentary film

“The Magic Voice Of A Rebel” portrays the story of the Czech singer Marta Kubišová, who without never intending it, became a symbol of freedom for all generations in the newly free Czhecoslovakia in 1989. It is Marta herself who tells us her life story and how the Soviet invasion in Czechoslvakia in 1968 changed her life. Because of  her deep involvement in the Prague Spring movement, she went from being the most popular singer in the country to being banned and suffering a sudden removal from the public scene by the new authorities imposed from Moscow. She refused to escape to exile and together with other banned intelectuals and artists became a disident instead. Blacklisted and persecuted by the secret police, she also suffered the betrayal of beloved people who were collaborating with the regime. But as she says in the film, as an artist and as a mother, she did not have any other chance than to defend her own beliefs and fight for the possibility of the new generation being able to grow up and live in a free country they could be proud of.


Director: Olga Sommerová

Screenplay: Olga Sommerová

Starring: Marta Kubišová, Dana Němcová, Pavel Kohout

2014, feature documentary, 85 min Awards: 49 Karlovy Vary IFF - Audience Award