In this new family series on science and technology, Eva Holubová and her children Adam and Karolína learn how small and big inventions in our everyday lives work.
The show combines elements of fiction with popular science, a genre known around the world as edutainment. “Futuroskop” uses an entertaining approach to teach viewers how various technical achievements were discovered, how they have developed, and where they are headed in the future. The series also shows differences in how different generations view and deal with science and technology. With the help of an older friend and a team of experts, thirteen-year-old twins Adam and Karolína explain to their mother Eva Holubová how things work: television, cameras, the internet, flush toilets, bicycles, air conditioning, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other modern inventions that we encounter all around us – in the kitchen or bathroom, or on the street. We learn how the sugar cube was invented, the staple, the bra, or the safety pin. The children guarantee that if their mother can understand their explanation of how the inventions work, then anyone can…

Director: Václav Křístek, Břetislav Rychlík

Screenplay: Alena Müllerová, Jaroslav Veis

Starring: Eva Holubová, Adam Holub, Karolína Holubová

2007-2008, 15 + 16 parts