As a psychiatrist, Frantisek should have his private life under perfect control, except that he’s too fond of women. In addition to his wife Eliska, he’s in several other relationships, a problem which one day gets out of hand. Now aged forty with an established, lucrative practice and a new dream house, he suddenly doesn’t know where to turn and what to save first. When his secret life as a skirt-chaser comes out into the open, he sees all too well how suddenly, unexpectedly and completely his “perfect” life, envied by everyone around him, can grind to a halt: in one day, he loses his psychiatrist’s license, the roof over his head and his wife, too.


Director: Jan Prušinovský

Screenplay: Jan Prušinovský

Starring: Josef Polášek, Ela Lehotská, Zdena Hadrbolcová, Arnošt Goldflam

2008, feature film, 85 min