The main plot line takes place in Prague in the year 1983, amidst the Communist-imposed “normalization”, a suffocating atmosphere ruled over by the secret police. The story is about an eighteen-year-old’s revolt against authority, against social norms, against adult duties and responsibility; it is about the search for one’s own models and values. The main protagonists’ way out of the everyday dullness is to provoke through the punk band they have formed. As the band members’ ideas and opinions become increasingly extreme, they come into conflict with the established social rules and people’s apathy, but above all with each other.

Although the story is based on personal experiences from the early 1980s, it could have taken place at any time and anywhere, and is more than likely taking place somewhere right now.


Director: Richard Řeřicha

Screenplay: Richard Řeřicha

Starring: Patrik Děrgel Lukáš Reichl Jiří Kocman, Jakub Zedníček, Oliver Cox, Viola Černodrinská, Klára Pollertová - Trojanová, Kristína Svarinská, Jiří Štrébl, Stanislava Jachnická

2012, feature film, 98 min.